đŸ„Š Hwalmoodo training program includes kickboxing as primary fighting sport practiced for competitions especially in the Point Fighting, Light Contact and Kick-light Contact styles. 

Training in kickboxing and having the opportunity to join national and international competitions are key points for a martial artist. It is not only about fighting against an opponent but a confrontation with oneself which triggers a strong motivational effect. 

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Kickboxing training takes place mainly in the HMD Fighting class and during the weekly sparring session. A typical workout includes punching, kicking and conditioning drills which may or may not involve the contact with a partner. The type and the intensity of the exercises are based on the expertise as well as the physical condition of the students.

To participate in sparring sessions as well as other exercises involving contact it is mandatory to wear the adequate protections.

You can check the Equipment page where all the required protection are listed.