Pricing and Payments


Monthly plan

Membership required

For 7 months or more:
65 CHF

> ⭐best value <

For 4, 5 or 6 months:
70 CHF/month

For 1, 2 or 3 moths:
80 CHF/month

The more you book, the less you pay. With the monthly plan you can book how many months you like and you have access to all the sessions. If you include September, then August is free of charge.


With membership
10 CHF/session

15 CHF/session

With this option you just pay per single session. You can also buy multiple classes in advance and use it within the sporting year.

Custom plan

If the existing plans don't fit your needs, we can discuss discuss a custom plan.


Membership fee: 30 CHF

With the HMD Switzerland membership you can benefit of discounted prices for classes, equipment and events. And of course you support our association!


✔ It is valid for the sporting year.

✔ It allows you to subscribe to the monthly plan.

✔ It gives you access to discounted equipment prices.

✔ With the first subscription you get a T-shirt as gift.

Additional remarks

  • Payments for pay-as-you-go plan should be done before attending the session.

  • Payments for the monthly plan should be done within the first week.

  • In the monthly plan, for the first month only the effective weeks are counted.

  • Registrations to the monthly plan which starts in August should include at least of 2 months.

  • It is possible to freeze the plan only once per sporting year for a minimum period of 4 weeks.

  • The membership fee does not include the WAKO license which is required in case you want to participate to kickboxing tournaments. The price of the WAKO license is 60 CHF and must be payed directly to WAKO Switzerland. Please, ask your teacher for additional information.

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