🥋In Korean  활무도 or 活武道  is a traditional self-defense martial art, the literal translation is “The way (or art) of life protection”. The teachings of this discipline are based on traditional Korean techniques incorporating elements from many different styles, such as: Kickboxing, Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Hapkido and Jujitsu.

HMD Basel is the first hwalmoodo school in Switzerland, officially initiated in 2019 is now a young team of people both beginners and experienced highly motivated to improve themselves. 

If you are interested in martial arts and kickboxing do not hesitate to contact or join us.

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Colored belts program

The base HMD technical program for the colored belts includes more than 50 hand techniques and more than 50 different kicks, from the basic front kick to the more advanced flying spinning kicks.

For each belt the students learn a new "form" which is a series of defense and attack techniques in a predefined order. The forms are great exercises for both body and mind. They involve strength, speed and control as well as focus and concentration.

To advance to the next belt the students must take an exam where they should show their knowledge of the techniques in front of a commission of high rank Masters and black belts. The preparation for the exam also includes the study of a theoretical part about the discipline itself and about the basic knowledge of the human body in regards of the sporting activities.  

Colored belts

Black belts

The black belt test takes place once a year. This exam to obtain a new Dan requires a considerable effort from the candidates. Practitioners are considered candidates for the black belt test only if they pass a series of tests to allow them to take the black belt test. The exam includes written and practical requirements. The candidate must execute and demonstrate the understanding of hand and kick techniques, forms and defense techniques belonging to the entire known program.